Monday, May 2, 2011

Stupid weather, Memorial Day Weekend, and swim team :)

CAUTION: This is an extremely long post, I felt that I should post a long one since I haven't been on in SO LONG. 

Hey there! So the summer of 2011 is right around the corner. As of now its 42 days till graduation :) YES! Only 42 more days of high school. I know one day I will miss it, but that time is so far in the future. Juanita has been my hell hole for the last 3 years and I can't wait to get away...till then I've got a few things to accomplish first! All graduation requirements are completed, but in the mean time there are a few things that needs to be addressed.
For one: The weather.
...its STILL 55 DEGREES IN SEATTLE. What is wrong with the weather? It's not suppose to break 65 degrees till the middle of May. Come on weather :/  It's still dumping rain and I'm tired of wearing winter clothes, and layers. I want summer! Sandals, dresses, hats, shorts, and warm! Till then I can just wish for sun while I'm sure the rest of the country is enjoying the sun and the warmth, while I sit here in a sweatshirt and a blankey so I don't freeze :(

Next matter of business: Swim team :)  
Swim team for the Kingsgate Royals starts on May 16th! thats 2 weeks! Whaaaaat. I haven't even bought a new racing suit yet. Plus, its my last year... :( 12 years ago I was just learning how to race and that was when I fell in love with swimming. 12 years later, I'm growing up, graduating, and leaving my favorite summer activity. Future coaching? Hell freaking no. No way. Unless they paid me a hefty amount to deal with that crap. But for my last year of swimming, I was thinking of getting a suit that has some personality. Maybe this one? 
Remix Flyback (Pink) - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA SwimwearRemix Flyback (Blue) - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA Swimwear

hahaha I'm just kidding. Thats called a "remix"....yeah it looks horrid. In my opinion at least. I would be caught dead in that suit. But. The back is pretty tight Speedo decided that they would take their most popular sold suits and then they "remixed" them with other colors and a splice down the side, and thats the product. Its like a cute suit, and a really ugly suit got together and a had a baby. And this is what it produced.
But on my search for a new suit I stumbled upon an AWESOME website. I've heard of this site previously but never actually went on it. Till now. The URL is and you can custom create any suit! Its crazy. Two piece, one piece, any kind of back, and they have like 50 different patterns and colors to choose from. I created my dream suit, and it had a halter top, that connects around the neck and twists down the back. The fabric was either "Tye dye", "Paintsplatter" or "Pinwheel" or I'm just going to go with a solid sparkle-y color or just a plain color. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this, or one from Speedo. Like these :) 

Now I'm excited to start swimming JUST so I can get a new suit! Not the whole waking up at 6:30 to go swim for an hour with a new coach :( We'll see how that goes. 

Cosmic Explosion Axcel Back  - Speedo® Endurance+ - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA SwimwearReversible Mesh Speedo® Extreme Back One-Piece - SPEEDO  - Speedo USA Swimwear

Next matter of Business...Memorial Day Weekend.
I just HAVE to put memorial day weekend because I'm so excited for my last break till schools out :) I'm hoping and praying that it will be sunny and warm here, just for that weekend. If not. Hell I'm going to pack up my car, grabbing my girls, and head over the mountain to Chelan with everyone else and their mother. I was also planning on saving up every penny I can till that weekend (2 paychecks... whoopee!) so I can go on a summer dress/skirt shopping spree at the BRAND FREAKING NEW FOREVER21 IN BELLEVUE SQUARE! :) I sure hope that it...
1) I at least get paid something for working 50 hours the last month.
2) That it WARMS UP
3) That the weekend would come MUCH sooner !

So thats all folks :) 
Next long post will be about: Prom, Graduation, Summer 2011 Plans, and UW planning :) 

H  (:

Right so...

Its been a while!

Lets look at home summer hair styles I can't wait to do :) 

side braid knot

And what is this? 
redhead Nataliya Piro by Nicholas Routzen

Red headed bombshells are the new thing :) Well looky this. I happen to be a redhead! Yes! This will be a good trend for me :) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

outfit of the day :)

Floral tank top: Macy's
Cream Scarf: Wet Seal 
Black Leggings: Target
Blazer: (sisters) Express 
Flats: Jessica Simpson, Macy's 
Earrings: Forever 21 

Hair- "Taylor Swift Curls" with a 1/2 inch Conair Curling Iron
Makeup- Prestige White eyeliner on the inner corners, cream Loreal HiP eyeshadow, Full and Soft Mascara, Prestige black eyeliner, and black HiP eyeshadow on the outside 

Enjoy :) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh my lanta,

Paprika Embellished Pleated Dress :)
And all shoes. Well they're just amazing I love you!!! 

Can I say "oh my lanta" for this one? 

If only, if only I had $2000, I'd be set :) 

Outfit of the day!

My first outfit of the day!

  • Black Sweater Tights from Forever 21 
  • Black Pencil Skirt from Forever 21
  • Lush Dress (I wore it as a top ) from Lush 
  • Gold Leaf and Pearl Necklace from Forever 21
  • Gold Ball Earring Studs from Wetseal 
  • Black Cage Heels from Love Culture (Anne Michelle)

Hope you enjoyed! :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I want..

When I younger, I use to spend my time doodling girls in amazing dresses. Many times I would draw girls in big wedding dresses. So, qhen I get married in 10,000 years, I want that big poofy dress, with a train, and it has to be something amazing. Your wedding day is the day when you are the center of attention and you can wear and work whatever you'd like. And me? I would love, love, LOVE to be wearing a dress as amazing as this! Just look at it and all its glory.
Oh and then the shoes. The shoes with this dress...well its a give in that with something this great, you have to wear shoes to match ! Enjoy

I hate the Dentist.

So… I grew up not having very good teeth. When I was very young I had to get a lot of work done on my mouth and since then I am traumatized by the dentist. He was very kind, but he was an older man and he had fat fingers. When he’d work on my teeth he’d pick and poke with his huge fat fingers and hurt my mouth. When I got older, he would numb me and say “you have the family tolerance!” (since apparently my entire family is hard to numb and numbing is hereditary?) and then he would give me another numbing shot and then wait about 5 minutes. Once the actual area he was working on was numbed, he would begin to work. Then, 5 minutes later my entire mouth would go numb, then my cheeks, then my ears, then my eyes, pretty soon almost my entire face would be numb from the two shots he would give me. After being worked on for about 1 hour, I would be sent home with drooling, with a puffy swollen face, bruised lips and My entire face would be numb for about 3-5 hours afterwards, and since my lips where bruised/swollen and I was numb, eating and drinking anything was not something I would participating in.  
And today I had a dentist appointment with my new dentist! They cleaned my teeth and told me the usual “you need to floss more, but your doing a good job brushing!” The new dentist Pamela is awesome. She’s very gentle and she was very sympathetic to me and she told me we would take things slow. And then the x rays began. Once the results where in, I was devastated. 
After constantly brushing my teeth and trying to floss- I had a whopping 8 cavities. One that is an old one, and she has to take the filling out, and replace them… Awesome. I of course started bawling. And then my mom felt really bad and started to cry. And then we made the dentist cry :( She said she understands my fear of the dentist and will try her hardest to help me.  
My appointments begin March 28…till then I’m flossing 3 times a day and brushing with fluoride tooth paste. Lets see how this goes. Wish me luck.