Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its spring, but its still cold?

So. This has been on my nerves lately and I'm just about ready to blow up.

Alright so I live in Kirkland, Washington, for the people who don't live in Washington, Kirkland is  in the Pacific Northwest north of Seattle. So its cold here..and it rains. A LOT. Today is the first completely dry day since maybe friday last week (?) So even though there's no rain.. its windy, and cloudy, and cold (when I say cold its like 45) And this morning it was probably 40 degrees when I got to school. So I'm wearing, you know, layers, boots, a scarf, the kind of wintery clothes that you would wear when its like... cold out. Well... the first thing I see is, is this group of all wearing tiny ass skirts, and sandals. And I hear one of them say "Oh my gosh, I am so cold..." And I'm just like. Girll... of course you gonna be cold. Like honestly, Its 45 degrees and you're wearing SANDALS. What were you thinking? But their excuse is gonna be..Oh but its spring! That means skirts and summery clothes and showing off my white Seattle legs so all the boys can think I'm cute...So you're gonna go and wear your new tiny spring skirts, retiring those warm layers you wore not even 2 weeks ago, and complain about being cold all the damn time.

So heres some advice sweethearts:
You live in Seattle. You know what the weather is like here. And if there's a chance of it being semi warm or sunny, your local weather forecaster will let you know. So till then, please keep your white Seattle legs hidden and warm by those awesome tights and leggings we rocked all winter. Just until its warmer out.

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